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A Meaningful Surprise Indeed.

Wow, after 9 hours of lectures today, I could say I really didn't expect a birthday celebration!

I was in the midst of stress after class, tagging my notes , planning what should I study after revision class... should I go library? should I go back to my room? ...
... and out of a sudden, a group of people singing Happy Birthday song came walking into lecture room with a cake, heading to where I am seated at. Stunned and surprise at that moment... it's my birthday celebration!!!!

I really didn't expecting anything for my birthday this round, studies came into my top list of priority this time ,didn't really think of celebrating it this year. I was already surprised once,and was really grateful for my birthday present from my friends. I am already so happy for their present (p/s : its from Kitchen, and I know it is expensive! haha!), little did I know they actually prepared a cake for me today!

Now, all the unexplained, suspicious actions by my friends today in class finally made sense...Shen went out from class immediately after class ended, saying she need to return her parking card despite it's already 6pm, Lawrence and Ah Huang went out for toilet after class which they took ages to come back!... Kylie, Xin Yi, Kah Soon were all here out of the sudden, and I even remembered asking Kah Soon " 等Lawrence 啊?"... Thinking back all these makes me feel like a fool, at least a happy one!Haha!

After taking photos, eating cakes... well, most of you would have thought it should be the end... guess what, its not! Lawrence was not in LT for some time, and well I wondered did the sesame cake Jun Yu bought that we just ate has caused him to have diarrhea or what? Suddenly, he was back, with a photo frame on his hand.... He passed it to me “拿,给你的!" , guess what is it? It was one of the most meaningful present I ever get out of my 20 birthdays... That second, I was so touched and I actually went speechless for a while... reading the messages Jun Yu, Lawrence,Daniel and Kah Soon wrote down words by words, I was so surprised that the 4 quiet guys I'd known since CAT would have done something like this for me!

Reading through their messages actually made me realize that my friends had created so much wonderful memories throughout my college life... CAT graduation, Tioman trip, Melaka trip, movies,karaoke, prom and not to forget all the time we spent together in class, whining, fooling around.... think of all of these, it is hard to believe that 2 and half years has passed.

想回这些那么美好的回忆和时刻,真的会 很不舍得 ... 短短的三年,一舜间就过了。跟你们每一位所度过的回忆,我都会记在心里。很高兴有这个机会认识你们。我们人生还有一段很长的路,我祝福大家都能走到我们梦想的终点.

Chin Shen, 我大学第一天就很熟的朋友! 要牢牢记的,做人不能太好,要偶尔为自己着想!走路不要pok kai! 谢谢一直一来都拿么的了解我,安慰我!

Kylie, 我的makan kaki!要永远都那么的开朗 okay!酱才是我认识 的Kylie Chin,讲话和笑声也要比别人大声!!!!谢谢你把宁的家人介绍给我认识,让我在想家时总是有人陪!!!

Jian Yuan,我永远都不会忘记第一天认识你的时候,还记的"We are from KLANG!" 吗?哈哈!驾车的时候要小心啊! 上课时不要一直玩电话,要传心!要再次谢谢你帮我换轮胎,还记得吗?;)

Ong Jun Yu, 不要blur blur 的,要会control自己的手脚!不要再把电话乱乱放!要在此感谢你一直于来都不蛮厌的当我的listener!

Ah Huang, 认识你三年了,可是广东话还是没你好。。。哈哈!你还是我认识中讲广东话最厉害的了啦!要吃多一点,不要这么瘦,我跟你拍照每次都是弄到我很肥~哈哈!

Lawrence, 真的很感激你在我需要帮忙的时候,无伦你有多忙,你总是say Yes, 没问题, 无所谓!总是那么的好人~

Daniel, 爱睡鬼~~~哈哈!对不起,我偷了你很多的第一次,哈哈!我觉的你也不可能会读到我的blog lor~写短一点无所谓。。。haha!

Kah Soon, 永远欢迎你来马六甲!我再带你去nom nom nom!!!! 还有,要记的我爸爸讲你是最帅的~~哈哈!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I wish I could be stronger. I need time again, to start all over again from the beginning.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At times, I need a break. Tired of tolerance. Sometimes, I need someone to take care of my feelings back too. Because of friendship, I take a step back, kept my voice down. But reality hits back right at my face as nobody cares, the more you contribute silently, the more people take it to their advantage and thinks that it is your obligation. Well guess what, F**k off! Get that?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day Handmade Cupcakes for sale!

Hi everyone,

having troubles thinking of what to get for your special ones on that very special day?

Wanted something that is pretty and meaningful?

Why not cupcakes with both of your initial on a pretty cupcake?

This will be my first time selling cupcakes online, hence, there will be only one set of design to choose from. (for simplicity purposes)

One set consists of 6 cupcakes, priced at RM 15.
2 out of the six cupcakes will be customized to have couple's initial on cupcakes decorations.

Booking of cupcakes have to be done one week before collection of cupcakes.

Collection of cupcakes can only be done in Sunway Pyramid or Sunway University College, Bandar Sunway. If friends from Melaka, can contact me directly and we can arrange something out.

Collection date is on 13th February or on 14th February only.

There's only limited set, hence may not satisfy all customers and I sincerely apologize. (I'm still a student, so couldn't make so much before V-Day)

So, interested in getting cupcakes for your loved ones? Just leave a comment here in this post or email me at wong_liting@hotmail.com ~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

“The Season of the Witch is Here”

Season of the witch

I remembered when I was young, I remembered watching Casper the Friendly ghost where Hilary Duff was on her role as the nice witch to a friendly ghost.Maybe perhaps witches aren't as bad as we think they are... Even in Harry Potter, not all witches are bad.

However, in most of our childhood fairy tale stories like Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, the bad guy will always be a witch! They have incredible knowledge on spells, potions making, travel on flying broomstick and so on!
They can transformed into a kind, poor and old women, or even the most ugly monster on Earth, just try to kill you. Or they can make poison apples poisoned lettuce to take your life away, don't you think they are just real good when it comes to put your life to an end? They could be just as good as an professional assassins, just maybe by replacing super sport car with a flying broom and a sniper with a wand?
The thing that scared me most about witches is their evil grins and their awful witch songs... Just imagine yourself being captured in cage by the witches, hanging above a big pot of cooking potion, as they stir the potion, they happily singing high pitch horrifying songs with evil grins " Muahahahahahaha....", cir-culling you, so excited to feast on you! And worst, there is no way for you to escape...

I think most of you will think that the next thing will be their look, their full of wrinkles and pimples look. But guess what, you're wrong! In fact the thing that I do afraid of is their outfit! They will always either have this dark greenish puff looking lace dress or a super old rusty hat long enough to keep 3 'Pringles' in it! I wouldn't have the guts to wear it! It seemed that they never ever change their outfit and it look like a century old already! They could have scare people off just by their smell!
I could be afraid of their look too, but not the ugly side! There are quite a few pretty HOT looking witches! They could have be a competition to me you know....*ahem* They could have just snatch away all the hot guys and what is there left for me?

The last thing that makes witches so scary will be probably their ability to cast spell on you without you even knowing it! They could have make me their slave forever! I would have to do everything as they say! I wouldn't want to be saying "Yes Master" forever in my life!